Agricultural Solutions

The trust that our Growers place in us is not taken fact, it is what drives us to deliver on our commitments.  We strive to constantly innovate, and continue to find new ways to bring value through our services.  Valley Air offers  a variety of Agricultural Aerial Solutions, and they are Services that you can rely on.

M-18 App.jpeg

Targeted Applications...

When it comes to liquid applications, timing and coverage are critical.  At Valley Air, we go the extra mile to insure that our aircraft and pilots are capable to deliver.  Whether it is through the use of modern application technologies like electronic flow control, and low altitude laser altimeters.  Or annual pattern testing to make sure that not only our application systems dialed in, but that our target application heights are matched to insure maximum coverage without drifting product off target.  We go the extra mile to make sure that we are bringing Value to our Growers.

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On Demand Fertilizer...

Research continues to show that fertilizing crops when they need it, and giving them exactly what they need drives yields.  Not only does in drive yields, but it insures maximum return on investment, not to mention it allows us to be better stewards of our environment.  At Valley Air we can deliver on this need, and do so without any negative impacts on your crops.

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Maximize your Resources...

The Technology Boom continues to pick up momentum in Agriculture, and is giving us some great tools.  The use of Aerial Imagery, whether it is full spectral, NDVI, or another format can help growers maximize both labor and product inputs by telling them when and were they are needed.  The evaluation of this technology, and how it can assist our growers is another way that Valley Air is striving to deliver value.