It is said that, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention".  At Valley Air, we take a more proactive approach and say that "Innovation Drives Success".  This mindset fosters the constant development of bringing value to our customer's operations, and allows us to make their acres work for them.

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Owning the Night...

Night flying has been a necessary part of our lives since the beginning, but Night Vision Goggles were a game changer.  Valley Air was the FIRST company in the country to pioneer this technology's use in Agricultural Aviation.  Utilization of NVG's allows our pilots to comfortably operate during the nighttime hours.  Allowing us to apply our customer's acres when the environmental conditions are favorable, and optimal results can be achieved.


Precision is Key...

We realize that inputs are expensive, and getting them placed in the right spot is critical.  Valley Air utilizes georeferenced polygons to guide the aircraft directly to the field, and give the pilot finite treatment boundaries.  This ensures that no time is wasted getting to fields, and once on site, the application is on target.  These files can be directly downloaded from many modern ground implements, matching the application to the planted acre.